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I’m a graphic designer based in Hong Kong. My portfolio is an eclectic mix of national and international clients from US, Russia, Estonia, China, and Australia, creating logos and brand identities for companies of all sizes. Having worked on several international design projects since 2004, I’ve gained an in-depth understanding of global design concepts.

My Design Workspaces – Then and Now

May 15th, 2011

My Design Workspaces – 2000 to 2012

You have probably read a lot  about designers’ workspaces from all around the world. Some of them are really kick-ass and awesome, so I’m not going to get into that again. All I want to do is share and compare my workspace, then and now. It would be a very interesting to see the metamorphosis of a working environment and how it affects a designer’s creativity, since the design studio is the place that cultivates a lot of great ideas for  different categories of designs. This time I will be the first one to show mine, and I hope you guys can share yours too.

2000 -2002

Smart office01 This was my first workstation after I graduated from design school as a web designer. My daily job was to design the Flash animations, which would then be coded by the programmer. Office Location: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong   | Computer: An unknown PC

2003 -2004

Elink office01 When I joined the advertising agency, as shown in the picture, I was practically on fire everyday. I would work till11pm every night, sometimes even overnight – it was the craziest time in my life. My daily job was to designing the packaging for Wai Yuen Tong ( A Chinese medicine company), prepare the advertisement output files for Samsung, PCCW, Dai Sung Bank…etc. Office Location: Wan Chai, Hong Kong | Computer: Apple Power Mac G4 400 AGP / OS9.1

2004 -2005

React office01 React office02 This is my beloved office when I was working at React Design. We had a Maple wood floor, perfect for walking bare foot inside the office in summer time. My duties there were to create hotel packaging, restaurant menus and corporate identities. Office Location: Central, Hong Kong  | Computer: Apple Power Mac G4 466 Digital Audio / OSX 10.3,  Apple Power Mac G5 1.8 PCI / OSX 10.3

2006 -2008

Li n Fung office01 Li & Fung Trading Ltd. is a giant corporate with offices spread worldwide. This was the first time that I worked in such a large company and with so many people. The experience gave me a new perspective on business. My duties here were designing the packaging for Walmart, Kohl’s, Belk..etc. Office Location: Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon  |  Computer: Apple Power Mac G5 2.7  DP / OSX 10.4

2008 -2009

Colorband office01 Colorband office02 I joined a small design house, where I enjoyed designing corporate identities and logos. I even  managed and monitored the work of two other designers. Office Location: Lai Causwaybay, Hong Kong |  Computer: Apple Power Mac G5 2.3  DP / OSX 10.5

2010 (four months)

Bergner office01 This is the Bergner’s design office – a typical one, zero design element, nothing special. Office Location: Central, Hong Kong |  Computer: Apple Power Mac G5 2.3  DP / OSX 10.5

Home office: Lamma Island (2005-2009)

Lamma home office01 Lamma home office04   Lamma Island is the most beautiful and unique island in Hong Kong, and that’s where I had my beloved home office too. Computer: Apple Power Mac G4 1.25 Mirror Door / OSX 10.3 – 10.5,  Apple Power Mac G5 2.0 PCI / OSZ10.5

Home office: Coastal Skyline (Now)

Coastal Skyline 2011 This is my home office now. Computer: Apple Mac Mini C2D 2.0 / OSX 10.6,  Apple Mac Mini C2D 2.4 / OSX 10.6
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