It is impossible to separate product packaging and brand identity. Quite possibly the most important touch point for your brand is how you package the product. If your packaging is well designed, it will communicate effectively with consumers and provide an instant means of recognition, conveying the essence of your brand.

The packaging of your product helps customers quickly identify it when they are scanning shelves. Your packaging provides an instant brand recognition and influences customers’ purchasing decisions when buying.

For example, the design of a soda can will make or break the success of a new soda being brought to market. Beyond the quality of the product, the label has the greatest influence on whether a customer will purchase it. Marketers work to enhance the brand’s recognition and perceived value through creating unique, catchy and emotionally-driven packaging.

One of the label design won an international award:

Creativity International Design Awards

I provide the following services:

  • Package and Label Design
  • Retail Packaging
  • t-shirt Design
  • CD and DVD cover designs

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